As a result, by integrating tax planning, debt management, cash flow projection, insurance strategies, and estate considerations as part of my comprehensive approach to financial management, I am able to link all aspects of a family’s finances to balance the short-term and long-term goals.


This is not easy, but the work is infinitely worthwhile. 


Eleanor Roosevelt once said "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”  My mission is built upon providing the families I serve with a realistic, reliable, factual and technical plan, focusing on the information that is relevant to their financial goals.  Wishing simply is not good enough for my clients.


It’s all about building, maintaining and nurturing long term client relationships based upon personal interaction, individual attention, professionalism, honesty and integrity.  I strive, each and every day, to insure your family’s future success, and I take your financial well-being as seriously as my own.

As the founder of Biggar Wealth Management, I use an integrated, holistic approach to financial planning and wealth management.  Together, we discover your real goals and dreams, and then lay out a plan to get you there.  I work very hard for you, so you can sleep at night on the way to realizing your results. 


I demonstrate to the families I work with how tax efficiency can be as important to a family’s long term financial results as a portfolio’s rate of returns.  I guide them through tax and estate planning issues, and I work closely with the entire array of their other trusted advisors such as accountants, lawyers, bankers and mortgage brokers, to insure that their financial plan is in synchronicity with all of the aspects of the planning process, not just financial.

Success:  The Progressive Realization of a Worthwhile Dream or Goal

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