The rules of money have changed, and if you handle your money the way your grandparents handled theirs, you may fail where they succeeded.  That's because life is so different today.


The cost of living has never been higher, while up to half or more of your income goes to taxes. Longer life expectancies mean you run the risk of not having enough money to retire comfortably, and possibly being unable to care for aging parents or leave a legacy for your children. Today's consumers relocate more often, they change jobs more often making good pensions the exception, they have children and grandchildren later in life, and they even marry more often.

Our clients enjoy professional guidance in all areas of personal finance, including college planning, retirement planning, insurance and estate planning, guidance on tax efficiency and more.

That's why you need expert advice. You need Biggar Wealth Management.

Starting Over


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Despite your dreams, best intentions and blood, sweat and tears, life can toss the unexpected into your path, derailing even the best financial plans.

Career interruptions, marital seperation, health problems, a death in the family, bad investment decisions, business setbacks – these and other challenges will leave you wondering:  is it still possible for you to achieve your financial goals?

The answer is yes, you can.  The good news is, your troubles can usually be overcome.  No matter your current reality, it's never too late to start over.

Get re-started right now. 

The Rules of Money Have Changed.

Real Life Solutions

Just Starting Out


You're out of school, you're finally earning a real paycheque, and the world is your oyster!


Now, it's time to start thinking about your financial future!  Time to think about…

…Participating in your retirement plan at work, if that is an option
…Managing your debts before your debts can manage you
…Building cash reserves to weather the storms and open new doors to prosperity

…Saving some of your paycheque so you can afford to buy a car or a home or perhaps travel

…Diversifying your financial assets, and so much more!

The sooner you start saving for your future the better — and the time to get started is right now! Put our investment management services to work for you today.  

You're Far From Retirement


You're in your prime earning years – but already envisioning the day when you no longer have to earn an income to sustain your lifestyle.  

But big expenses are on the horizon – big events such as a home purchase, children going to college, a wedding for a child, or starting that business you've always wanted to build.  With these and other hurdles in front of you, will you really be able to retire, and on your terms?

The short answer is yes.  

Approaching Retirement


Retirement, once but a distant idea, is fast approaching.

Can you afford to quit working full time, yet sustain your lifestyle for the rest of your days?  are you in danger of running out of money before you run out of road?

From a wealth management perspective, this may be the most critical stage of your life.  There simply is no substitute sound, credible, professional advice.  Effective wealth management and tax strategies are of the utmost importance now, and can have a huge positive impact on your future.


Let us help you determine if you are positioned properly so your upcoming retirement will be all that you've envisioned and worked toward.

Already Retired


While you may not have to work as hard as you used to, your money now has to work harder and go farther!  

To ensure that your income outlasts your years, you must overcome the double jeopardy of inflation and taxes.  A simple adjustment to your approach could save you thousands in Old Age Security clawbacks.  The basic way you approach your investments in retirement will have resounding impact on how much of a legacy you leave behind, or how well your nest egg is protected later on in life if you have health challenegs, as many do.  


If you're not careful, the certainties of taxes and inflation will mean a reduced income over time, perhaps even risking your ability to support yourself in the manner to which you desire and have become accustomed.  This does not need to happen to you.

Let us help you determine if your investments are positioned properly so your retirement security can remain intact.

Money in Motion


That income property has been sold, or you just sold your primary home to down-size, and you still have a tidy sum left over. Or maybe you've exercised stock options at work.  Perhaps you sold your interest in an established company you helped to build.

There are lots of reasons that people find themselves involved with "money in motion" and it's important you manage the proceeds effectively.

Let us help you determine the best way to handle your money in motion.

Sudden Money


If you've recently found yourself the recipient of a large winfall for some reason, you know that strong emotions come with it – and not always pleasant ones.  Lottery winners quickly learn the challenges of dealing with friends and family – and strangers – who want "their share."


Inheritances arrive because a loved one has died, and "winning" a legal judgment often means that you or a member of your family has suffered serious injury or injustice.

Whether your sudden money is accompanied by happiness or sadness, strong emotions will almost always interfere with your ability to utilize the funds prudently, responsibly and effectively. What's more, sudden money doesn't come with instructions.

So before you take a cruise for a year, buy houses for friends and family, tell your boss to "stuff it", or buy invest in the latest "sure thing", make sure you get the advice you need.


Seek specialized help you need to manage your new assets prudently, or you could find that your newfound money could disappear just as fast as it came.

Unlock your "Locked-in" Pension Funds


You probably have money in one or several registered funds now.  But how is it being managed?

Chances are you have worked for a number of employers during your career.  That means you might have left money behind in Locked-in (LIRA) accounts.  It's not uncommon.  You have a lot to think about when you leave an employer – and that retirement account might have been the last thing on your mind at the time.

Your ability to retire in comfort may depend on how you handle the money that's lying dormant in old LIRA accounts.  Don't let that money linger there, where it could be suffering from low returns, high risks and high fees.  We may actually be able to help you unlock half of your old locked in accounts, thanks to new legislation.

Organizations and Group Plans


Your business or charitable organization has money and other tangible assets, and these assets must be managed properly to sustain the organization and allow it to prosper. 

• You can benefit from an effective group retirement plan to help recruit and retain talent.

• You must have an effective Wealth Management plan to help you protect and grow the money your organization has accumulated.

We have the unique experience required to meet the needs of small and mid-sized companies, organizations, foundations, endowments and associations.

We love to chat!  Try us right now and talk to an expert about your unique set of circumstances.