Our scientific approach will have you wondering why everyone doesn't do things this way.

Our Scientific Approach

Our consultative approach usually uncovers needs not previously realized, and helps us to create a plan that is magnitudes better than most organizations can muster.  But prior to beginning any conversation, we utilize a leading edge technology to ensure we understand how you think with respect to risk tolerance, and we share those results with you.

The diagram below simplifies the comprehensive framework that allows us, as your wealth manager, to seamlessly integrate the many facets and steps of our holistic Wealth Management approach to achieve your goals and meet your needs for the future.

*Securities products are provided by Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI).  ACPI is a member of the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada(www.iiroc.ca) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (www.cipf.ca).  George Biggar is an agent of Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI).  George Biggar is licensed for the sale of life insurance products and provides financial planning services through Biggar Wealth Management. George Biggar is registered through separate organizations for each purpose and as such, you may be dealing with more than one entity depending on the products purchased. George Biggar will provide the name of the entity being represented when insurance/financial planning business is conducted. The sale of insurance/planning products is not the business of or under the supervision of ACPI, and ACPI will not be liable or responsible for such activities.  Finametrica is a registered trademark of FinaMetrica Pty Ltd

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How do we do that?  We utilize leading edge scientific analysis rather than shooting from the hip.  Most advisors only pay lip service to the concept of risk tolerance, satisfying the basic requirements of regulators.  Biggar Wealth uses Finametrica, the world's leading risk tolerance quantifier, to ensure that your portfolio matches your personality as closely as possible.  It allows a scientific, measurable approach, and allows us to monitor and modify your portfolio very measurably as your life situations change.

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